482.Solutions Comes To IBC Conference @ Amsterdam

482.Solutions Comes To IBC Conference @ Amsterdam

What is 482.Solutions?

482.Solutions is IT development company based in Odessa, Ukraine, and specializing in innovative ICT and IoT solutions. We empower Europe’s leading enterprises in world’s common battle to create smart and connected world. It is a company built and driven by entrepreneurs focusing on delivering disrupting products to international markets. We know what we are talking about when it comes about doing work effectively and building products that work, and that the customers love.


482.Labs is a project of a startup incubator focused on helping to launch early stage innovative projects. 482Labs is to become a strong R&D center, powered by its experience, network and community, and able to provide technical and business expertise to any European enterprise facing challenges in the fields of IoT and ICT. The incubator is planning to run both multiple training programs for programmers, and business and technical workshops and acceleration programs for founders and startups.

Why Are We In Amsterdam?

The answer is simple: because we have a lot to tell, and what’s more important — to show. At 482.Solutions we have been working over the last half a decade on some of the most innovative projects in the fields of ICT and IoT in the region. We are also actively helping multiple larger enterprises increase their revenues via boosted security, business processes and workspace automation, and energy efficiency.


All that has turned our team into an agile and battle-ready unit of entrepreneurs ready to undertake complex challenges and delivering to its clients not the raw technologies, but disrupting to the market products accessible to wide audiences of users.


AgryEye has been the flagship startup of our company over the last year. Launched just in the early 2016, the startup has closed its first deal last month, with business angel Alexey Svirid committing to invest $150,000 into the product. The technology behind unites sophisticated technologies of multispectral remote sensing, unmanned air vehicle, big & open data analyses. The system is able to save up to 30% of expenses for farmers.



iHub360 — Smart Things Hub.

iHub360 is a smart-space hub which lets you control connected devices, charge them and boost their security. iHub360 serves both as a hub and as a router, giving out WiFi connection and letting you turn on and off devices easily. The device can be integrated into homes, offices, cars or be used remotely.


OnOff — Smart Environment Device.

OnOff is a device letting you interact with the connected machines and systems around you: lighting control, temperature and switching on and off smart devices. OnOff can be used in smart homes and offices, but also in HoReCA (Hotel/Restaurant/Café) and lab extreme environments where its gestures controls come in handy.


Why Ukraine and Odessa?

What we have decided to build is unprecedented: an incubator which would nurture the community of high-profile developers and entrepreneurs and connect them to the top firms in Europe. But when you look at it from the other perspective, it turns out true that Ukraine is home to some of the most talented programmers in the world, and possesses all the relevant infrastructure to tackle this challenge. At 482.Solutions we have already secured partnerships with some of the biggest telecoms in the region, as well as many strategic local partners who are to help us make it happen.

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